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Taxconsultancy has a team of trusted withholding accountants who have years of experience in satisfying consumers with taxation needs. We make things easy and take care of your tax needs. Our goal is to minimise withholding tax burdens and help our customers to speed up their business even in bad economic conditions. We analyze and measure our Client's progress and Plan strategically. salary tax calculator. Furthermore, our withholding tax services include;

  • Quarterly Withholding Statements

Annual Income Tax Salaried Requirements:

  • Annual Salary certificate
  • Other Income sources if any
  • Annual personal expense
  • Details of all owned assets
  • Investments during the year
  • Disposals during the year
  • Other inflows/outflows during the year
  • Other information as required

Benefits Of Being A Withholding Tax Filer In Pakistan

You are still a non-filler– It's time to do it right away here at Taxconsultancy. pk. Do you know? Taxpayers in Pakistan enjoy all the benefits and get relief on taxes as compared to nonfilers. Withholding Tax is an advance payment of income tax. Furthermore, here is a list of benefits of being a tax filer in Pakistan.

  • Taxpayers are only required to pay half of the withholding tax in comparison to the tax paid by the non-filers.
  • A non-filer is barred from owning property worth over PKR 50 lakh whereas people who regularly file tax returns can purchase any property.
  • Non-filer importers of raw material would have to pay 8% on the total import whereas taxpayer importers are required to pay 5.5% on raw material imports.
  • People who regularly file withholding tax returns have to pay only 1% on property transfer tax against 2% tax paid by property owners who are non-filers.
  • Whether it’s the auctioning by the government or any other private entity, tax filers pay only 10% tax against 15% tax paid by non-filers in Pakistan.
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Avail Our Withholding Income Tax Services Today From Us is a legal website for guiding you with your taxation problems. Let us help you take the stress out of withholding tax time. Our services are simple and affordable to avail. Contact our legal advisors and follow the following steps to process.

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