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Ease your worries about company registration with SECP— is here to support you. Our team, composed of Chartered Accountants and Cost and Management Accountants, boasts extensive expertise in company registration services across Pakistan. Trust in our certified professionals to deliver top-tier company registration solutions. As a legally compliant platform, offers a wide array of tax services and corporate solutions, ensuring total privacy protection and affordable rates. Below are some of our key services in tax consultancy and business solutions:

Tax Audit

Partnership Firm Registration

If you are looking to register your partnership firm in Pakistan? Here at Taxconsultancy, you have it: simple setup, minimal expenses, stressless processing, fast updates, and much more.

Tax Due Diligence

Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration

TaxConsultancy can help you register a sole proprietorship firm within 1 to 2 days with a minimum budget. With our professional accountants, you will easily become a filer now.

Income Tax Return

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Registering a Limited Liability Partnership LLP firm is no more stressful with Taxconsultancy. We are confident in registering LLP business easily and securely within a few hours.

General sales tax

Single Member Company (SMC)

.We are offering the best registration services for single-member companies at a low budget. You can contact Taxconsultancy for detailed consultancy and timely services.

Company Registration

Private Limited Company (PVT LTD)

LTD is the best option when you want to start a business. Our professional consultants will guide you in limiting the liability of shareholders with a clear and convenient legal framework..

Tax Appeals And Litigation

Public Limited Company (PVT)

We are confident in listing your business on a recognized stock exchange and give the privilege of limited liability to members up to the maximum of their investment.

Steps For Company Registration in Pakistan

Initiating the process of company registration in Pakistan is made straightforward with a series of organized steps:

1. Creating a SECP User Login:

Begin by gathering the necessary details for register a company in Pakistan. A director login is established on the SECP portal, requiring the following:

  • A copy of the CNIC
  • The proposed director's email address
  • The proposed director's mobile number

2. Name Availability Application:

The first critical step involves securing your company's name. We assist you in completing the SECP application to reserve and register your chosen name.

3. Fee Payment and Document Submission:

Following the approval of your company name by SECP, proceed with the company registration application by paying the associated fees and submitting the required documents.

4. Compilation of Required Documents:

To successfully file your application with SECP, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • FORM II (Application for Registration/Incorporation)
  • The SECP name availability letter
  • CNIC copies of all proposed directors
  • The Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • The Articles of Association (AOA)

This methodical approach explains the registration process, paving the way for your business's successful establishment in Pakistan.

Minimum Requirements For Company Registration In Pakistan

To register a company in Pakistan, several fundamental requirements need to be met across different types of businesses:

For Private Limited Company Registration:

  • At least two directors (maximum of 20), with at least one being a resident of Pakistan.
  • A minimum of two shareholders; there's no maximum limit.
  • A unique company name that is not already in use or too similar to existing names.
  • A registered office address within Pakistan.
  • Compliance with the minimum paid-up capital requirements as specified by the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan).

For Single Member Company Registration:

  • Only one director is needed, who is also the sole shareholder.
  • The company must have a nominated next of kin.
  • A unique company name.
  • A registered office address in Pakistan.

For Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration:

  • A minimum of two partners; there is no maximum limit.
  • Partners can be individuals or other businesses, with at least one designated as a resident of Pakistan.
  • An LLP agreement detailing the rights and responsibilities of the partners.
  • A unique name for the LLP.
  • A principal place of business in Pakistan.

For Partnership Or AOP (Association of Persons) Registration:

  • Two or more partners (no maximum limit).
  • A partnership deed that outlines the partnership terms.
  • A unique name for the partnership.
  • A registered business address in Pakistan.

For NPO (Non-Profit Organization) Registration:

  • A board of directors or trustees (the number can vary).
  • A clear non-profit objective and activities outline.
  • A unique name does not conflict with other entities.
  • A registered office address in Pakistan.
  • Necessary documents, including the organization's by-laws and memorandum of association.

General Documentation Required:

  • Identification documents (CNIC/NICOP) for all directors and shareholders.
  • Proof of registered office address (rental agreement or ownership proof).
  • Company’s memorandum and articles of association.

Meeting these requirements is crucial for the successful registration and legal operation of a company in Pakistan, ensuring compliance with the SECP's regulations.

Get Your Business Registered with TaxConsultancy

TaxConsultancy stands out as a premier provider of company registration services across Pakistan's major cities. Our track record includes thousands of companies successfully registered thanks to our professional approach. We invite you to leverage our expertise for your company registration needs. Our comprehensive company formation services are categorized into five key steps:

  1. Company Name Approval: We assist in selecting and securing approval for your company name.
  2. Document Submission: Our team guides you through preparing and submitting all necessary documentation
  3. Issuance of Incorporation Certificate: We ensure the smooth issuance of your company's certificate of incorporation.
  4. Share Capital Deposit: Our services include guidance on depositing share capital as per regulatory requirements.
  5. Tax Registrations: We handle the registration for income tax, sales tax, and professional taxes, setting your business on the right compliance track.

Contact TaxConsultancy today to start your business registration process and lay a strong foundation for your venture in Pakistan.

What are the steps to be taken after company registration in Pakistan?

After registering your company in Pakistan, here are the simplified steps you need to follow:

  • Get a Tax Number: Apply for a National Tax Number (NTN) from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).
  • Open a Bank Account: Set up a corporate bank account in your company’s name. Register for Taxes: If needed, register for General Sales Tax (GST) and comply with income tax rules.
  • Appoint an Auditor: Choose an auditor for your company within 90 days of formation. Issue Shares: If your company has share capital, distribute shares to the owners.
  • Obtain Licenses/Permits: Secure any specific licenses or permits your business type requires.
  • Register with Labour Departments: If you have employees, register for employee benefits and regulations.
  • Hold an AGM: Conduct your first Annual General Meeting within 18 months to discuss financials and other key matters.
  • File Annual Returns: Submit yearly returns and financial statements to the SECP and FBR.
  • Ensure Compliance with SECP Regulations: Keep up with all SECP regulations and updates to ensure ongoing compliance.

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